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Probe set ID [desc] Symbol Name
51 1460336_at [new page][B* page] Ppargc1a peroxisome proliferative activated receptor, gamma, coactivator 1 alpha
52 1460324_at [new page][B* page] Dnmt3a DNA methyltransferase 3A
53 1460309_at [new page][B* page] Tal2 T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia 2
54 1460304_a_at [new page][B* page] Ubtf upstream binding transcription factor, RNA polymerase I
55 1460303_at [new page][B* page] Nr3c1 nuclear receptor subfamily 3, group C, member 1
56 1460299_at [new page][B* page] Mnx1 motor neuron and pancreas homeobox 1
57 1460292_a_at [new page][B* page] Smarca1 SWI/SNF related, matrix associated, actin dependent regulator of chromatin, subfamily a, member 1
58 1460279_a_at [new page][B* page] Gtf2i general transcription factor II I
59 1460277_at [new page][B* page] Dmbx1 diencephalon/mesencephalon homeobox 1
60 1460267_at [new page][B* page] Dmrt3 doublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 3
61 1460265_at [new page][B* page] Pa2g4 proliferation-associated 2G4
62 1460252_s_at [new page][B* page] Zfp105 zinc finger protein 105
63 1460246_at [new page][B* page] Mecp2 methyl CpG binding protein 2
64 1460231_at [new page][B* page] Irf5 interferon regulatory factor 5
65 1460228_at [new page][B* page] Usf2 upstream transcription factor 2
66 1460207_s_at [new page][B* page] E2f5 E2F transcription factor 5
67 1460171_at [new page][B* page] Cops5 COP9 (constitutive photomorphogenic) homolog, subunit 5 (Arabidopsis thaliana)
68 1460159_at [new page][B* page] Mysm1 myb-like, SWIRM and MPN domains 1
69 1460132_at [new page][B* page] Ube2b ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2B, RAD6 homology (S. cerevisiae)
70 1460127_at [new page][B* page] Hnf4g hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, gamma
71 1460120_at [new page][B* page] Ablim1 actin-binding LIM protein 1
72 1460111_at [new page][B* page] Myt1l myelin transcription factor 1-like
73 1460109_at [new page][B* page] Tcf25 transcription factor 25 (basic helix-loop-helix)
74 1460100_at [new page][B* page] Skor1 SKI family transcriptional corepressor 1
75 1460085_at [new page][B* page] Zfp281 zinc finger protein 281
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